I can see where this may go…


Blaidd Drwg It’s not just Republicans how ever, Obama is doing much the same exact thing, and yet he ran as an Democrat…

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Cheryl Thomas They are two sides of the same crooked con…the illusion of choice only works when we’re fooled

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Blaidd Drwg Aye true, sadly the apathy generations are suffering to only empower it all, with the… Choosing not to vote is still exercising my vote, mentality. (if you’re not part of the solution) as it were imo.

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Cheryl Thomas Voting is a lie. Like offering pork or beef to vegetarians. George Carlin said it like this, “I didn’t vote for these assholes, if you did, I’m pissed off at you.”

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Blaidd Drwg It’s sad state that this is the one country where the populace believes doing nothing is beneficial. Skepticism, and Apathy gain nothing for anyone. I belive that those who do nothing, deserve what they strive for. Iceland is a prime example of the power the masses have when and if they get off the apathy sofa, stop whining and do something about it. The lie you mention is how one of the best fiscal presidents in US history was removed from office, remeber Clinton… this country was at pretty much a fiscal peak with him in office, but the masses voted him out due to an affair…


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