Still man enough to admit pain…

Today was a pretty good day.  Spent some time with Wiggles and met his Wifter for the first time.  She’s quite nice.  Had a surprise time with Arwen, which was mainly spent at the park 🙂


Tonight must be the night for Car Wrecks… So far there have been 10 of the heavy Whiplash style Myoclonics and damn does my neck hurt.  Time to get a hot Shower, quickly followed by a hot Soak in the tub to offset any possible additional of Migraine, or even worse, those flipping Tension Headaches.  Ever had an actual Tension Headache?  I would not wish one of those on anyone, makes one want to brake their own neck it hurts so badly, and that’s before it has you curled up on the bathroom floor, sweating like it were 130 degrees  freezing and Vomiting all over the place, all uncontrollably because those are the only things your body can do to deal with the pain.   Ooof :/


After soak, I think it’;; be time for seeking another hopefully suspenseful Horror, or Sci-Fi flick, then some Coast to Coast A.M and maybe even some very welcomed sleep…. 


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