Two of my favorite quotes about what I learned are here, from regular people.  You know how others always bash that which they do not understand…

The problem is there is a lot of rubbish traditional martial arts out there which make MMA look good. I fought at the highest level in boxing for 6 years constantly fighting against and training with Australian champions. At the time I also believed boxing was more realistic for real fighting because I beat so many martial artists with black belts until I came across this school and learned what real fighting is and yes I have tried MMA and BJJ and it is a far cry from what we learn here.


The problem is no one likes to spar with us. They always tell us to stop and want to make rules up that suit them. The last person I sparred wasn’t too happy about having his throat grabbed or being hit around the neck or having his arms grabbed / clawed. it is very hard to spar with this style in the way you are thinking.


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