The logic of twitchy

The reason seven out of ten marriages end in divorce, is because murder is illegal.


8 thoughts on “The logic of twitchy

  1. Yes, very true, and in 2 of the 3 marriages left (out of the 10) the partners hate each other but don’t have the guts to divorce, so they just carry on like that…
    Life beats all movies.

      • I’m really sorry to hear that my friend. I wish you to be happy. I know that when there are children involved all gets more complicated. But maybe rather than be in such a situation it’s better to be alone.
        No woman should use a child for her advantage, I think that is very low thing to do. A child should be only loved and protected.

      • I could never do that, as it would separate my daughter and I of what little time we have. I swore my life to my child the moment I discovered she was coming. When her mother and I split, I knew I was in for a life of hell dealing with her, but my daughter makes it all worth it

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