Mora dhuit ar maidin

Well, it’s been an interesting two days, spent some time in the E.R due to about 1/2 memory loss.  They think it’s something Microbiological affecting my memory cor, as in some microscopic fungus, or some type of micro worm that they can not detect with their technology there.

Shuffled my way down to the Beanery, say Mr.Wiggles there briefly as he was en route to pick up the Wife, always good to see him.  He’s become quite the inspiration and a bit of a pseudo-mentor to me.  I’m finding small tasks harder now days, like plugging in a USB or pulling a Cigarette out of the pack, even spelling has become tough, perhaps that part is due to the 14-24 gap in my memory….

Over all, it was a good day, it seems in general, people are kinder than I had thought for most of my life, and I had many a good conversation yesterday.


Dia Dhuit



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