Atop everything else they have me on, Valium x 4 @3 times a day…  I don’t know how I will function. Those things knock me out within and hour, for about 5 hours.  No idea why I am up at this time of night, I got my Daughter”d SSN today, so I can set her up as my Beneficiary should anything happen to me.  It’s not much by today’s standards, but 250k would atnleast help pay for  College.  Haha; I keep telling my friend Kirsten that I’ll try to not shake the house down, yesterday I had a bit an Earthquake and what happens, I vibrated the Living room so badly that one of her paintings fell of the wake.  Kirsten is a great person, she tries to help me as much as possible.  I find my self forgetting peoples names with in mere minutes of having met them, it’s a bit embarrassing, but I can give them one hell of a hand shake (pun intended).


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